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Taylor Wallace - vocals
Mike Bashur - guitar
PAJ - bass
Dave Gentry - drums


This is a time in the depraved world of hard rock where longevity has ceased to exist. Where innovation has gone unrecognized, and music, which soon becomes disposable is rejoiced. Trigger Point picks up the pieces of a genre of music where emotion is expressed through aggressiveness, and musicianship becomes adapted to the mainstream. Formed in 2001 by Mike Bashur (guitar), Dave Gentry (drums), Taylor Wallace (vocals), it was immediately relevant that this comb?nation of ability, influences, and ambition would be making waves in the hard rock scene without pulling a punch. Coming from three different parts of the U.S. with one goal in mind, to give the fans what their idols gave to them, which was a soundtrack to life. Trigger Point combines unforgettable melodies, commanding guitar riffs, and chest pounding grooves, providing a substance that hard rock has been missing for years. In early 2004, the band was joined by PAJ (bass) to complete the machine that is Trigger Point. With the state that this industry is now in, the group has decided to go the independent route. Trigger Point has been at the forefront of the hardcore hard rock scene in Los Angeles since day one, taking over the hard rock genre with an undeniable and impeccable live show. With their debut full-length album "A Silent Protest" produced by Logan Mader (Machine Head, Soulfly) set for release in October 04', and a year long U.S. and Canadian tour booked throughout 2005 it will soon be impossible for this band and this genre to go unrecognized. The reparation of rock has begun

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