ALTZONE - Five Bolt Main

- - Five Bolt Main

Chris Volz - Vocals
Ivan Arnold - Drums
Alex Cando - Bass
Kobie Jackson - Guitars
Ron Paige - Guitars


Louisville, Kentucky five-piece Five Bolt Main has signed with the Rock
Ridge Music label it was announced today. The band features Chris Volz,
former vocalist for hard rock band FLAW, as well as several members who
worked with Volz in early incarnations of FLAW. The band plans to record
their debut album in Louisvilles Canyon Studios in April and May, with
Canyon owner Chris Cassetta assisting with production duties. When the
album is completed, it will receive national distribution via Sixthman/ADA;
a fall release is planned. FLAW was signed to Republic/Universal Records
previously, and following CD scanned sales of over 445,000 on two albums
combined, were dropped in late 2004. They were praised for their first
album, Through The Eyes, by, who commented: FLAW frontman Chris
Volz's foreboding moans and croons emphasize his words with a sweeping
grace, only to explode into jaggedly delivered contemporary metal tinged
exorcisms. the band create walls of twisting vibrant melodies that ascend
to spiraling heights, only to buckle over and trap the listener in a fiery
wreckage of fearsome modern metal crunch.

Says Rock Ridge principal (and former Universal Marketing VP) Tom Derr:
Personally, I am looking forward to working again with Chris Volz and this
new project Five Bolt Main. The bands professionalism and work ethic are
the foundation for what we see as a very successful endeavor.

Volz is equally pleased to be working again with Derr, saying: Tom Derr was
most supportive of FLAW, and always had innovative ideas. When we found out
he was starting Rock Ridge and read his mission statement, we didnt feel the
need to shop Five Bolt Main around at all. His whole approach is unique, as
Rock Ridge is there to help develop us.

I feel in working with Tom and Rock Ridge, we have the chance to get on
board with something innovative and change the outlook and goal for other up
and coming bands they dont have to be on a major label to succeed and we
hope to demonstrate that.

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