ALTZONE - Erase The Grey

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John Stepp-Guitar
Josh Adkins-Drums/percussion
Jonny Sayre-vocals
Nate Morgan-bass


If you don't know who Erase the Grey's a summary. Once signed to Universal Records with an EP in stores called "27 Days", ETG were one of the dozens of bands that were never pushed to their fullest. With a single on the radio called "Rain", that held many number one spots on radio stations globally as well as music stations such as Music Choice (which still plays ETG to this day), the push from the label was never there and the band decided to part ways, to persue different avenues. Missing the chemistry the band once had, ETG decided it was time to bring the music back to the people that appreciated it and rekindle the spark that served as the foundation for what they believed. Erase the Grey has risen from the proverbal grave and are destined to show the world, once again, that they just won't stop.

Автор: SeeD
Разместил: Seed   Дата: 09:51 28.10.2005г.

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