ALTZONE - Born From Pain: "Immortality" – 1998

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Born From Pain: "Immortality" – 1998

1. Immortality

Dark side of innocence
Dragging me down
Thrown into this pit
I never reached the ground
Veiled ghosts of tomorrow
Echoes of the past
Coming back to haunt me
This feeling ever lasts
No sense of relief
I'm bound to burn
Respect is taken
Finding no solace in your words

Only words...
From tongues so forked they fall apart

The serpent in the grass
Slithers stealthly
Only reconfirms
This immortality

Alone within these walls I face my fear
Tempted throughout time to cut it clear
Venom in my veins
Am I still sane
Scarred and bleeding but still master of the game
Scarred and bleeding...

2. Monolith

Frozen in time to stand alone
Majestically untouched by sun
Slave to the fears of this bitterness
A monument for days to come

Time has passed as tall shadows fall
Carved into this stone
Timeless ache sits on it's golden throne
This war remains my own

Tarnished by erosion
Rather die than run
Struggling through this life
I claw, I tear, I fight to overcome

Never take my honor
Never drain my blood
Hold on to what's dear
Alone I stand defend all that I've got

Defend all that I've got...
This war remains my own!

3. Christborn

Oceans filled with blood of ages
Centuries of eternal lies
Churchwalls dripping with blood
Never will I repent to your god
Now who've become the fallen
Who have abandoned
The faith you've taught
You've turned into the sinners
Who've nailed your savior to a cross

Empty out the chalice
So poisonous the blood
Body of christ polluted
Answer to your god

Your heavens layed to waste
Still sin follows sin
The dead scream out your name
For their innocent blood is spilled

Confront your god
Burn in hell...

4. Darkest Deception

The weight of darkness falls short of consideration
Of the lives of millions that have bled
A structure built on sand
This hammer crushes all
All that's reason
All belief in the goodness of this life

Why longer live these lies
Why fall to our knees and die

This culture rotten to the core
2000 years in the shadow of death

Conditioned billions
Embracing death
As the greater good
Erasing life in the blink of an eye

Standards fade
Civilised decline
Must we bleed
For the sake of... bloodred skies

5. Fallen Angel

The writings on the wall
All spell hell
Completely crashed and burned again
Pitchblack darkness
One last prelude to madness
Your last barrier
My last frontier

I can feel the flames

Carry the load
I'm drowning in this massacre of truth
Your wings torn
Now you fall
I see your face
I see your eyes
There is no emotion
As I watch you fall!

I see you fall
Cast from my eternal heaven
As you bleed
Bleed with me
Bleed with me empty
In my eternal hell...

6. Poisoned Blood


Swing of the blade comes so fast
No time to rest, betrayal moves silent
As all heavens come crashing down
Stand witness to the demise of what's left

Palaces in ruins
Unbolt the doors
Staring down the hole
To await another blow
Battered and wrecked
Inside torn apart
The harshness of reality
Tears away the past

Anxiety builds... up inside of me

Swept away by the undertow
Crops up, overwhelming, ready to explode
Walking in the shadow of myself
The darkside of the soul, try to regain, what's left

As my weapon against blades that bring the pain
Armour as my shield
Against ego's that have gone insane

Blades that bring the pain...

Автор: Pretty
Разместил: Pretty   Дата: 11:20 10.07.2007г.

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