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Embers Break me, release me, take my soul away, your blinding everything Smiling, I'm crying, running through my veins, erasing everything Now everything is grey, ashes blown away I'm drifting further everyday Reliving hell everyday, everyday, come on and make me fall, fall, fall Embers burning away Use me, abuse me, controlling night and day, releasing all my pain Dying, I'm falling into this hell again, take over me my friend I can feel you pulling - I cant feel my soul My Perfect Storm (you can hear this song on our music link) I feel the rain fall down on me again I see your face within the storm Wash me away - from you You changed your mind Ripping away from you Crash down on my face, touching you I cant replace I'm gonna stand up, scream your name forgetting why you left this way Cry, tell me why, everyday, wishing you were by my side Loving me, only me, taking back what you then took from me Believing that your eyes, burn through the rain I see your face, I'm bleeding you, I love you, I miss you today Out In The Cold (Interlude) Save Me Save me I'm out in the cold Save me And never let go You have took away My strength and will to live Can you feel it turning? Its turning And burning my heart is slowly Screaming, I'm crying, I'm begging for you to- Please feel my pain There's nothing left to give Take this pain away Bleeding Memory Everyday ends up the same find another way to forget you Apathy takes a hold of me as I'm remembering why you left me Tension gets the best of me trying to overcome these memories that poison Haunting thoughts of deception from the fabric of our pass into descension I'm controlled by sadness Imaginary lapses of false happiness sometimes interrupt my misery And distract me from my concentrated anger Bleed, Bleeding through my memory of you Fuck it all take my heart away set my soul afire fuckin' bleed me Erase the day I was given life let it fade away I can feel you Stagnant are the memories preying upon me as my hands begin to tremble Take my hand Walk with me through this endless fix of scaring tears Remember, to smile is to have a momentary relief of pain No one time did I hesitate to deliver an ample amount of loyalty and trust That was more then what you ever deserved in the world that you portrayed A bleeding memory of you Bleed my heart of your eyes - erase the day I was given life Our Summer (you can hear this song on our music link) Can you now feel the cold Can you feel my heart freezing You left me here to die alone In winters ice Memories of the sun and you smiling Winters set, you're gone, someone save me Re - mem - ber Our Sum - mer Frozen tears bleed from my face You're never coming home Summers gone the ground is cold And I miss you Summers gone Summers now through, I cant unfreeze you Leave me here dying, summers gone, I cant breath Come Alive Letting go, nothings what it seems and I'm feeling hollow From my eyes I bleed Nothings real - everything I feels becoming borrowed Come alive Rise up - all alone Rise up - feeling hollow Rise up - bleeding sorrow Rise up - lift your eyes Rise up I can feel you breathing, leave me screaming Rise up I can feel you breathing All alone, dreaming isn't real and I'm bleeding sorrow, everything is grey Lift your eyes, take my hand and rise into tomorrow Come alive Rise up lift your eyes and Rise up come alive Rise up your not forgotten What you stood for As The Stars Melt Away As the stars melt away from me understand this is all I see I feel so alone today Take my heart and bleed it right in front of me I know - your gone I know - I've lost and I feel like I'm rotting away As the stars melt away from me understand this is all I see All the skies appear to bleed Take my life and burn it right in front of me Set the stage for agony, loving you is killing me Its all true, beginning to relive you Smother out the sun divide Loving you has drained my life Burn my eyes Take away these bright red skies Smother out the sun divide Loving you has drained my life Lie Awake We all try and hide behind our face We all make mistakes we cant erase I've tried and tried to be just what they want I gave my heart away to only rot I gave it to you We all lie awake at night We all lie awake and cry We all begin to see inside our lies In the end the truth is no surprise Lie down, shed a tear by you side Thank you friends that your still alive There's nothing left when you're fake in your face Just remember next time to embrace I miss you But I don't love you any more Take me, take my heart and bleed it more, make me feel alone Take my soul and burn it in celebration My unavailable separation from the desire to smile draws tears from my heart For I know the smile I seek has not been created for me to smile Pull I know, you know How I feel deep inside I feel you pulling me down I wish you'd decide Pull me down You keep pulling me down You keep holding me down I feel your breath Its pushing on me I wait here bleeding for you To come back to me Try hold on to this You keep pulling As I'm falling You keep pulling me down Hate Me Again I wish everyone here was real Didn't pretend to feel All the shit they do All the shit they do Fuck you, open your mouth and rape me Lovin' to fucking hate me I feel the same for you Hey you, make it feel the same Hate me again Hey you, nothing left to tame Hate me again I will continue to be myself Live for no one else I wont concede to you Stand Down You lost it all, you loose Stand Down You want recognition for just breathing I will push out all the bullshit that you feed me You have lived your life for free There's nothing left inside of me To give to you, you lost it all You'll fade away You lost it all, you loose Stand down Respect is just a bullshit persona for you You keep pretending that you're alive Fake You lost it all you loose Stand Down

Автор: Seed
Разместил: Seed   Дата: 09:15 02.06.2006г.

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