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Ascendancy (2005)

1. The End Of Everything


2. Rain

Every time I'm left alone
My misery begins to drown me
Tied by a rope of anxiety
Thrown overboard

As I'm pulled under the tides of this fast paced world
I refuse to see

Time will always be the thing that kills me truly
Open these eyes waking from a dream feigning

My lungs fill up with letdown
Disappointment in self and everyone
Expectations died in failure
abandonment my unsavior

As I'm pulled under the tides of this fast paced world
I refuse to see


Absolution at the sight of your demise
I know what I must do
Die choking on your every word

Swallow every blasphemy

Absolution at the sight of your demise
I know what I must do

Swallow every blasphemy
Eat out your heart and make it bleed
Tie the noose around my neck
Make this life end

3. Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr

The face and the lips tremble as it rips
Your breath quickening as heat rushes in

Pull harder strings martyr
Stop you cry that's a lie
Flush gasping white reddening
You smile and destroy it- it's time that we end this

It's our curse that makes this world so hopeless
Allowing our king to spread his genocidal wings

Clawing the skin each kill your weakness
Annihilation your masturbation- tyrant, I'll burn you down

My hands grip your throat I need your end
Burned, staked, ripped apart- I avenge
For every life you have taken
I am here to repay You ask me oh God why
'Cause I'm God that's fucking why

4. Drowned And Torn Asunder

Force-feed them your ways
Dictate up a blinded swarm
Society's afraid

Declaration of rebellion
We will not stand defeat
Deconstructing their hold
Our vengeance will be tenfold

Our enemy will by drowned
The opposing torn asunder

Take all your lives back
Arson all they create
The time is now to lead the battle

Declaration of rebellion
We will not stand defeat
Deconstructing their hold
Our vengeance will be tenfold


Deconstructing their hold
Our vengeance will be tenfold

[Chorus x2]

5. Ascendancy

All this life shrouded in a veil
Of deception in association
But now I will witness thee
With unblinded open eyes
Judas I bury you in your own blood
You only held me down from what I was suppose to be
Ascend above the ashes of the world I once knew
Ascendancy is the only thing this will prove
I spread the fuel with ire
To incinerate all - Behold I rise - phoenix
Ascend above the ashes
Ascend above it all

6. A Gunshsot To The Head Of Trepidation

You starve your children on neglect
Then feed their bellies with fear
Concussion bat to the brain
Witness to a battered mother

Your abuse will end right here
No longer will your family fear
A gunshot to head of trepidation
My promise if you ever lay a finger

Just look at the scars you make
Your terror makes your kids break
A broken home just as you were raised
With fist raised up to your children


This battle is on all
You've made beautiful
Now hateful
You wretched life wrecker
Now suffer

Open fire
On the desire of the man
Open fire
With strife we'll strike down the hand
(Open fire, build the pyre)
If I can't make you see the damage you've made
(Open fire, build the pyre)
I'll make you wish you'd never been alive x2

7. Like Light To The Flies

Behold our beloved revels
In tragedy (in tragedy)
Self-denying avarice for bloodshed
Behold hypocrite

Those who run will be burned
Those who run will be burned
Those who run will be burned
Those who run will be burned

Devoutly wished for blinded eyes
This tragedy's like light to the flies
This seems to suit you better
Bleeding out the eyes
Hope's left in chain suspension
Holding onto lies, to make the truth

8. Dying In Your Arms

I'm wearing thin wearing out becoming weak
Holding hands with this rope she's my self-destructive
Bleeding disease the things that makes it hard to breathe
But if I shoved you far away
This addict just starved again asphyxiated

And now I see it's you that's tearing me ensnaring me
This is my dying in your arms I cut you out now set me free

Lynched high above what used to be
In her gallows built for me
So I escaped cut this noose around my
Neck I break free to see the things you blinded me
And I shoved you far away
Now I live the life I dreamed of
You're dead to me

[Chorus x2]

You poisoned my life
So I take this knife
And I cut you out
Cut you out

[Chorus x2]

9. The Deceived

Disintegration constituents to decompose of the parts
A malformation utopia systematic unity can't be achieved
Be numb to all the things
That force you to frame
We are the deceived
Lost in the foreseen
To wait for aforementioned dreams time will only tell
Tell that the promised have been failed
Behold your fellow man through centuries of control
Adhering to the decrees of a manufactured god

10. Suffocating Sight

I am but a farce a satire of stability
Insecurity is an uphill struggle it's me versus the world
The shore still starves
For another
Novel of my shipwrecked being tied up dried alive still breathing
The sands of time from me are running out my hands shake in apprehension
Of every action I'm guilty of playing the victim
Just like the embrace of arms that made you
They'll surely destroy you It's time for your panic
Then it kills and makes you manic
Making its way inside - relax, it's alright
Panic grips your frantic breathing
I can't breathe, I can't breathe!

11. Departure

This weight is so unbearable caving my lungs
All my life seems to be flashing in front of my eyes
Run away from all the pain of life
Ways of devotion turn to obsession open your eyes
I want you to see what you've done to me crying out those eyes
Bring my end to an end
Distance yourself from the pain that covers me
I reach out for your hand to find there's nothing left for me
Razors kiss the vein overdose for pain
A 12 gauge cross kisses the forehead a savior in a shell
Sever me from the fall
Fuck the people, Fuck the world, Fuck it all
Open my arms
Bleed out the flood
In crimson I begin to drown

12. Declaration

Freedom is all I have to say in defense
Of what the world's becoming
A nation hell bent on choosing what's right
And how we all should live our lives
Fuck their ways it is time to break free
Fuck their hate acceptance is what we need
Equality for every race, sex, sexuality
And every choice to live our lives
And to you bigot cretin ignocamus
Mind your own goddamn fucking business
Holding onto what makes us whole
Never letting their poison take control
Freezing the air (that stands between all of us)
Closing the eyes (bear witness to me)
Feeling the Fear (that stands between all of us)
Closing the eyes (bear witness to me)
I'll be right here
Falling away
Fighting on principle
I'll die 1000 times
Before I'll ever be them
Burn the scriptures
bury the governing
Free yourself
Break the structures
Declare Freedom

Автор: Gringo Loco
Разместил: Gringo Loco   Дата: 15:27 24.05.2006г.

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