ALTZONE - Stepa - Stepa 2002

- - Stepa - Stepa 2002

Song: Aquarium
Album: Stepa
[" Stepa " CD]

When a face is a cigarette
You taste so good, fragranced by it
Get your scale on, reflect a bit
I'm so boring you bit your lip
Come with me sit by the aquarium
Watch the fish scales cover everyone
Take the light right through the cranium
Wasting time turn at delirium
Misunderstood broken to it
Drip by drip my optimism
Get my hopes up, conversation
Open spaces salutations
Simple similarities between us and complication
My color stick and rings lead me to doubt my intuition
All is well for now until the sun has dried the river
Cry me one and that'll be the love I had to give her

Song: Shine
Album: Stepa
[" Stepa " CD]

Blinded, a child deprived of slumber
Cryin the world had come to him
I bet despite his love he'd swallow
If you offered to let him live
He knew what was
for what it takes it does less
More important
that's why I will not stress
That's when he said
full live, full live me, we need shine.
File in, learn to become the boredom
Smile, this is the only way
I bet in spite of you he'd mumble
If he had something to say
C'mon creature, the sun is but a morning star* when we reach her

Song: Sap
Album: Stepa
[" Stepa " CD]

This is the most intelligent thing that I have ever done
Say to myself, self, what were you thinking of?
Bittersweet, my discovery, but it's still sort of sweet
Next time I slip and fall I will be watching
It's not what you say
We don't listen to you anyways
My heart is open so we find a way
I hope that when I die, I push up a flower
And piss off whoever happens to be in power
Bittersweet, my discovery, but it's still sort of sweet
Next time I slip and fall I will be watching
Now I'm trippin'
Losing my mind
But I'm living
Before I die

Song: Free
Album: Stepa
[" Stepa " CD]

Out of the blue into a soul, is it worth it? I guess I don't know
Stupid climb, higher place, just to fall down on my face
I am here all alone in a place that no one goes
Close my eyes fall asleep, I'm defeated leave me
Call the boy with no phone, lost the words but hello
Confusion, simple brain, stupid frown on a pretty face
What a fool eye to eye, no need so that I did try
Close my eyes, cry to sleep, I'm defeated leave me
Everything I know is wrong,
But it feels so good I carry on
Everything was done what you'd touch it for
On the top and you suck in more
Everything I do oh you never knew
Believe that it takes more
Write a song blow away, stupid words on empty page
Soul to sun when it comes everyone needs to every

Song: P.l.u.
Album: Stepa
[" Stepa " CD]

So confusing, people like you
Take more than you need, much more than you'll use
Why should I share, with dumb motherfuckers?
Who cut me off and kiss a light
Spit in my face patience to taste
Color coat god
What did he say?
This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine
No pull to realign
Some day we'll all be cool, just like a rubix cube
We'll be as cool as you
Observe the trashcan, depository
Observe your gum on the ground, new shoes on my feet
Only one link breaks a circle
Cooperation and no cops to fuck us
All the same side on the same size

Song: Spaceships and airplanes
Album: Stepa
[" Stepa " CD]

Two worlds, body and soul, I ask, I already know
Besides what did he ever do? Nothing, come to
He was a boy without a care he had a castle of his own
He was a boy who never knew that he would never know
He was a boy without a care he had a castle of his own
He was a boy, there he goes
I am with you wherever you are right now
I was beside myself but now I feel I'm found
I am with you wherever you are right now
Spaceships and airplanes eventually go falling down
You're through, spread your wings, I can't remember to breathe
Say bye, that I'll never do, it's fine, souls in bloom
Let him go free and strong you are now lucky one
He never knew, he'd never know
Say good bye, I'll never do

Song: King of the fus
Album: Stepa
[" Stepa " CD]

Honestly look at me, got a number for the mind to feed
One in the pile the king am I, stacked to the top with 555
Honestly Iam a fus, perfect ness oh fuckina look
Find the courage to wait it out, any noise made is beautiful
Iam about to get crowned
But her eye distracted me down
And Iam back where I was
Iam the king of the fus
Honestly look at me, simple little phone call requiring
To be myself and Iam afraid if that got out you might see my face
Honestly Iam a fus, perfect ness I wanna touch
Do with you what I want for now, then I wake up and face the violins sound
I kiss the moon the moon kisses mine, I kiss the face that turned to the right
Before you get on I get sick of myself and thatas the point of the rain check: sickest sound
Why canat I just get what I want, oh please once, get what I want
We try so hard to look like we donat and you become second chance I let go, let go

Song: Niklo
Album: Stepa
[" Stepa " CD]

Open season,
Open change
Brand new freedom
From years of pain
Spiral progress
Black hole state
Love in motion all the way
You know you are so beautiful, you know
You know you are, you raise my stars you know
Reach into me,
Cosmic wake
Dropping anchor
I broke the chain
Tongue and lips
We found a place
Whole perfection, slid away
Drowning under skies above, solitude is good enough for now
I'm down for whatever, it's good enough for now

Song: Mountain
Album: Stepa
[" Stepa " CD]

Today is the last day, the end of fasting
Eye candy is a mind fuck, but oh no more
This anticipation is drivin' me nuts
Something is gonna happen, some
Feel it pulse, watch it grow, it explodes when
When's it my turn to explode?
Aha ha ha I feel the sonic sliding the pressure builds inside me
I am so happy I could, I am so happy I could
Dreams that taste this good can't possibly come true
However now and then they find a way to
Today is tomorrow and I am happy
Something is gonna happen some
Today is the last day and I am through with it
Today is the last day and no more bullshit

Song: Camelion
Album: Stepa
[" Stepa " CD]

If you never knew the difference you'd let em' kill each other
And say it's not my problem, don't bother me
If you never knew the difference, you would laugh for hours
Cause you had the time to
Wanna hear a secret?
You don't know who you are and your head is somewhere stuck so far so far
And if sleep were heaven, we're in limbo so far
If you never knew the difference you wouldn't run in circles
And act like there's a problem with every thing
But since you know the difference, try hard not to suffer
Now and then smile
When you memorize the point, you sedatize yourself

Song: Spaztik
Album: Stepa
[" Stepa " CD]

Violent and sonic slave time is gone itas
The focal point is vocal and the air we breathe is universal
Wake up today punching a clock not a cop
Fuck your final say 'cause the sun I suck is fucking wrong
Iam not scared so not scared, God gave a right but heas not there
Itas my love you cannot bare, makes me God kingdom impaired
Before I laugh at the fucking mind feed, I wanted you to know I canat help myself
Yeah I know Iam not supposed fuck it 'cause you canat catch us, what?
Hey guess what? I dare you to speak
And guess what else? I dare you to breathe
You assume an ass of us and that is what you get you fuck
T.V. God is weapon, stereotype thatall kill us what
Kiss my love you cannot share, makes me God kingdom impaired
Separated in the mix with sticks and stone on the crop
When I fell outta the womb I was fresh without a spot
People and philosophies to stabilize the field
A mass efficient stupid force, our lives to pay the bills
If I am incorrect and a for me now
Whatever you say

: Seed
: Seed   : 20:06 28.02.2006.

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