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kyle - bass,
sharon - guitar,
joe - drums,
daniel - vocals/ guitar,


The Renaissance, a rock band whose songs concentrate on the basic elements of good, old foot-to-the-floor rock 'n roll, combined with a style comparative to contemporary legends such as The Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Sparta and Alkaline Trio. The Renaissance has emerged from the south suburbs of Chicago, a city where rock music has made an impressionable mark on the music industry. The Renaissance is a band that can uphold that tradition. Though relatively young in years, the four members of this gallant effort, vocalist/guitarist, Daniel Struble, 21, guitarist/back-up vocalist, Sharon Grzelinski, 22, bassist, Kyle Blum, 21, and on drums Joe Kroehler, 22, are far from kids in the candy shop. Daniel and Sharon both former members of Five Pointe O, a Roadrunner Records group, have toured extensively both nationally and internationally with bands such as Coal Chamber, Mushroomhead, Soulfly, and Killswitch Engage to name just a few. The idea of starting The Renaissance, (new beginning (synonym)), actually set off in the winter of 2002, while on tour in Europe. Daniel and Sharon signed to Roadrunner Records at the tender ages of 18 and 19 respectively. They felt they were moving in a different direction musically, than family, long time friends and co-incidentally band mates. Daniel started to vocalize his thoughts to long time friend, Kyle, an aspiring bassist. Sharon was already having similar conversations with long time friend, Joe, a drummer in a local Joliet metal band. Throughout the months in Europe, the four kept in touch constantly and decided in the end to collaborate on a completely new project, a rock band, thus The Renaissance. As the great cousin of RCA Country Legend Lester Flatt, Daniel has been surrounded by music his entire life, both parents touring the country in various bands. Although writing music is a collective endeavor between all four members of The Renaissaince, there is a definite flavor of professionalism and structure acquired by both Daniel and Sharon's background. The Renaissance has completed the recording of their debut EP, "The Family Tree" at the Sonic Ranch Studio in El Paso Texas and will self release this project in early June of 2004. The effort was sponsored by the owner of the studio, Tony Rancich. "I completely believe in this project and anything that Daniel and Sharon are doing, they are brilliant songwriters and performers" says Tony. Acceptance by former fans as well as new listeners has been overwhelming, as they embrace The Renaissance.

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