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Erik Rogers - Vocals
Ryan Vikedal - Drums
Jason Grover - Guitar
Craig Maule - Bass
Billy Grey - Guitar


Now, in the last breath of 2003, is a new project called Soundevice, featuring Erik Rogers, Jason Grover, Cheney Brannon, Craig Maule, and Billy Grey. After having many bands, Erik joined Stereomud with two major label releases Perfect Self, and Every Given Moment (Columbia Records), followed with several successful U.S. tours. After parting with Columbia Records in the summer of 2003, Erik decided that he wasn't done with the music business. Erik and Craig wanted to collaborate on a side project when Erik wasn't on the road with Stereomud. At the time, Craig was winding down a regional tour with a band called 420 Monks and wanted to start something new. Erik and Craig got together with longtime friend, Cheney (drummer), and started jamming on some material. Erik, and Cheney had played together before so the chemistry was solid. Cheney brought in his guitarist, Jason, from Bend (Roadrunner Records), and together they wrote several songs within a matter of days. Two months later, Billy Grey from Sickspeed/Fozzy Method 51, joined Soundevice as the second guitarist. In the short time since they finalized their line-up, Soundevice has performed shows all over the southeastern United States, including the New Orleans Voodoo Fest (featuring acts like Marilyn Manson, Staind, 50 Cent and Cypress Hill). Soundevice is currently working on an album to be released in early 2004, as well as playing shows in a city near you

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