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Craig – Vocals & Samples
Bob – Guitar
Welly – Bass
Dennis – Drums & Samples

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Status: Active

“Coming at you like a super-intelligent cyborg rottweiler who's got your head confused with a Big Tasty, Enemo-J hit very hard, and very fast. 'The Angels Will Return For Us' is a lean, mean, modern slice of metal - with eviscerating riffs, hellmouth vocals and the brains to make it all work in a compelling way.” – Overview

Enemo-J pronounced (eeneemo-jay - the name coming from the adjusted title of a patriotic group), have been formed for only a couple of years, gigging up and down the country earning their touring stripes, and winning more than a few battle of the bands contests on the way (including the Midlands final Emergenza, held by official scouts of Sony/Columbia, in which Bob won best guitarist collecting an Ernie ball/ music man sponsored guitar. They also made the top bands of the midlands feature held by Xposed magazine.

An early recording (now unavailable due to demand) made at the Hive in Derby sold fast. It featured the song 'Influential Dropoutz' which also featured on two compilation albums going out to reach a few thousand eager new fans, the band then went on a year long spree of arranging and hosting gigs to make the money needed to record their debut album, and then hit the studio emerging with the tracks that make up ‘The Angels Will Return For Us’.

Produced by Matt Ellis (Number One Son, Grand Theft Audio, Rico), it is a brutal slice of modern metal with a distinctive British sound, and staggering emotion and intensity. The band will continue building their live reputation (having already toured with The Locust, Raging Speedhorn, Viking Skull and Johnny Truant) with a full UK tour early in 2006, and there is a video in the pipeline also for the track ‘Last Children of History' directed by Matt Burton.
"Coming on like a steamlined American Headcharge powered by ferocious samples and raw energy - expect to hear alot more from these bruisers" - Terrorizer

Автор: Hind
Разместил: Hind   Дата: 16:01 07.06.2006г.

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