ALTZONE - 40 Below Summer - The Mourning After (2003)

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Self Medicate ۰Back to Lyrics۰ Can you hear yourself, free yourself, fuck yourself Can you fix yourself, fill yourself, trust yourself Cloud your vision And just medicate yourself and just separate yourself And just medicate yourself and you'll never change yourself Will you hesitate, penetrate, deviate Will you medicate, agitate, aggravate Indecision Can you fill this deep inside Taxi Cab Confession ۰Back to Lyrics۰ Close your eyes and come with me to a new place where we are unstoppable Inhale and let the smoke fill your lungs and breath the impossible And as we follow these foot prints a new world will begin Can you feel it my brothers--- it's time to repent Now can I get an AMEN! Why don't you come and follow me I can feel your pain, if you let me I'll save your soul I'll take you away if you're with me I'll make you whole AMEN Now can I get an AMEN! And as we slowly separate from our worldly desires We think the unthinkable And we will swim together through the fire for we are unsinkable And if you follow this path a new life will begin Can you hear it my children it's time to confess Now can I get an AMEN? Confess, Confess, digest and you will be saved by this Rain ۰Back to Lyrics۰ It's cold it's hard and I'm locked inside this I've gone too far - I can't rectify this I walk away falling into It's such a shame how I'll miss you I feel shot can you reach me You cannot bring me back And I'll always sink into nothing And I'm on my knees again And I can't believe that it's always Under my skin Don't leave me out, leave me hanging Don't keep me down, down and dragging You're so sure that I won't splinter You're so good, you're so good Shift time to come back in line Cause when I tried to embrace my life Gonna dry up was it something you fed Got you sickened was it something I said All it did was RAIN Breathless ۰Back to Lyrics۰ You believe every word I say and always took the time to understand You took my breath away, is that you slipping right through my hands Just like a shooting star falling from the sky I wait for you to land Fly away don't shut me out, cause I can't be without you Run away come with me, cause I can't be without you When I wake up everyday I need to know you're not so far away Be without you Open your eyes and open your life Better Life ۰Back to Lyrics۰ Take that weight off your shoulders It's kinda hard when it keeps getting colder inside There's no heart just a place where the souls been all torn apart No chance for repentance the world is a prison and life is a sentence I can't redefine the surroundings that hound me and keep me denied This pain's just a part of me it's hard to breathe I'm always here on the outside It all seems so far away there's gotta be a better life In this world made of plastic I can bend and stretch like elastic No sign of the sun it's just a barrel a handle gun Unwhole in this madness no redemtion I'm drowning in sadness Alone crucified by the pain and the sorrow that keeps me alive I don't want to feel this, I can't hope to heal this I can't cope with everything inside Monday Song ۰Back to Lyrics۰ Life is lost for me, and everything I dream Picture me above the sky on this half day closing Ride the wave say goodnight drifting slowly I see the world in your eyes it's relentless When I feel the burn in my life GOD please end this It's not so easy can you fix me and wipe it all away Wipe it all away, you wash it all away Picture me inside the sun I'm dried and burning As I sink like a stone the world keeps turning I'll hold you close to myself, you complete me A part of my life I can't fill, please release me NOW It's not so easy and wipe it all away, can you fix me, and wipe it all away So sadistic, and wipe it all away, how you'd bleed me, and wash it all away Follow a heart in vain you follow and start again Life is lost for me NOW F.E. ۰Back to Lyrics۰ Set me off you can calculate pushing me Tormented by the agony of everyday Died, dissolve, descend I'm by myself, I'm by myself again! Don't you touch me Swallow me (swallow me up) And take me now (out of my inside) Set me free (I've had enough) And let me out (of the abyss right now) And as this life defeats me I need to simplify And everything that beats me I need to purify FUCK YOU ALL,FUCK EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING you don't know me and you wouldn't want to anyway Force into the end I fucked myself, I fucked myself again I am nothing (again), Fuck everything Suffer, we will we will suffer inside Awakening ۰Back to Lyrics۰ I can't believe it's so hollow in here in this hole I can't conceive this time is borrowed now I can't go on anymore Turn on the lights now, wake me up Is there a way to see tomorrow Is there a picture left to frame Is there a flower in your garden Or on the headstone of your grave I can't erase all of the sorrow the past is gone But I can change and make tomorrow a vision Now I can hold on Give me a sign and wake me up! Alienation ۰Back to Lyrics۰ What it cost me to assimilate myself It engulfed me and turned me into someone else It is crashing right into your face Everlasting it seems to suffer in this Place release me, Please release me Nothing I can do will change my life Everything I had was never mine to keep inside If I could give myself a new face Then maybe I could join the Human Race Time has frozen for me the walls are closing in I am sinking in greed and trapped inside my skin I am running away and getting nowhere fast I am thinking how long just how long can this last Erase me, Please erase me And I rise above it all And I run away A Season In Hell ۰Back to Lyrics۰ This, this is the dark, this is a place I can't escape would you leave me here Lying in wait hanging like baits strangled my fate would you even care This is my curse this is my life this is my Christ my crown of thorns This is the way, the way that I die, die and be reborn Dying to touch you, I need you, I love you to make me to mold me and break me again I can't deny that I'm hurting inside as I'm pulling you closer, you push me away As I look just to find my existence and open my eyes (I can't breathe as you push me aside) Now I feel that it's time to die as I realize (how you let me believe in a lie) As I struggle with both hands and I try to arise (from the sadness inside of myself) I cannot breathe I'm burning alive (cause I've lived through a season in hell) Look, look at my face shaded in gray wasting away I'm almost gone I can replace this empty space you left me all alone Why can't you see me I'm hanging here bleeding it's tortured and twisting my insides apart Laughing and crying as everything's dying in me and it's breaking my heart Save me now (x18) I'm in the shower of your love Can you feel your life pass you by Can you see the sun in the sky Life is calling you again, again Can you feel the end? Day I Died ۰Back to Lyrics۰ Tired of Chasing - Happiness just runs away Tired of Waiting - all the life not meant for me I am Sinking - I am burning in this hell Tired of Filling - All these holes within MYSELF I feel the darkness and it leaves me cold I feel like I don't belong here at all, at all I don't belong here. My Reflection - out of focus, I can't see No Direction - I am blinded by disease Something's changing Something's growing near inside I am shaking - is all that's left to me is CHANGED I feel the darkness and it leaves me cold I feel like I don't belong here at all I feel the darkness and it leaves me cold I feel like I don't belong here at all, at all I don't belong here, at all I don't belong here, anymore Cause I died for you Cause I died for you And I died for you Would you cry for - for me You left me here to die (for me) Mangledl my hopes and dreams of life (for me) And would you even cry for me (for me) You left me here to die (for me) Mangled my hopes and dreams of life (for me) And would you even cry for me

Автор: Seed
Разместил: Seed   Дата: 21:39 20.12.2005г.

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