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awesome hard rock band

Mike (Vocals)
Deez (Guitars & Backing Vocals)
Julio (Drums & Samples)
Bryan (Guitars)

street team:
club drone:

you can buy endrone debut cd on band's myspace page!

Endrone, sinfully good metal-influenced rock. No longer Hollywood's best kept secret, Endrone are set to explode the music scene, breaking boundaries and winning over fans in their wake.

In an age of hype, trends, and multi-million dollar marketing campaigns; Endrone are a welcome return to what really matters...rock! Passion. Musicianship. Talent.

One listen to Mike St Clair's raw, yet melodic vocals, the crushing guitars and catchy riffs of Deez, and Julio's pounding drum lines, and you'll be won over.

The buzz surrounding Endrone is huge and only getting bigger. Over 100,000 hits on the Endrone MySpace page. Thousands of fans a day listening to, reading about, and contacting the band in response to print media, online forums and blogs. Endrone has become a genuine underground phenomenon. No hype or major label money here, just an ever-growing grassroots campaign of fans who have heard the music, responded to the rawness and authenticity of real, heavy rock-metal, and are demanding more.

Endrone have taken an eclectic mixed bag of influences such as Fear Factory, Prong, Helmet, NIN, Slayer, Megadeth, Deftones, Sevendust, Guns N Roses, U2, Black Sabbath and created a sound truly unique and all their own. Endrone's incomparable sound, look and buzz have earned them headlining gigs to ever-expanding audiences in some of Hollywoods most prestigious and notorious hotspots, including The Whisky, The Viper Room, and the Roxy among others.

Fans will be thrilled to learn of the impending release of Endrone's much anticipated debut album. Produced by Logan Mader (ex Machine Head / Soulfly) and Lucas Banker (ex Keith Caputo Band) the big name involvement doesnt end there. The Heavy and darkly melodic title track, The Sins Within, features Dino Cazares (ex Fear Factory) on guitars. Both alluring and disturbing, stand out track Sadistic Play features RPM's female guest vocals. This not-to-be-missed 11 track LP is to be released independently through the groups own Flatline Entertainment LLC label, with national and international distribution. National and international tours are already being demanded and are sure to follow.

Uncompromising. Brutal. Darkly melodic. Endrone, are already legends within the LA rock scene, and are now set to win over the world. !

Автор: Seed
Разместил: Seed   Дата: 21:54 25.02.2007г.

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